10 Green Ideas

10: The Christmas lights! First, don’t use as many. Second, use lights that use less energy (LED).

9: Choose your tree wisely. The best choice is to purchase a tree that can be replanted or to rent a tree, which is replanted after the holiday season. If you can’t do a live tree, make sure real trees get recycled.

8: Choose a half-dozen or so items that you do not need or rarely use and pass them on to thrift store or a shelter for those who are homeless or those who are abused, etc. Help children choose 3 items that they can share.

7: Don’t buy new Christmas decorations. Tinsel and ornaments use too much of our natural resources in production and transportation. Make your own holiday decor: popcorn garland (or popcorn balls), gingerbread or sugar cookie ornaments, or use cookie cutters to make shapes out of rice krispie treats. Add some color with other edibles: candy canes or chocolates wrapped in holiday colors. Or buy used or vintage ornaments.

6: Recycle the Christmas cards you receive. Make a Christmas collage that can be framed and brought out each year with the other decorations. Or donate them to a pre-school or daycare to use for Christmas crafts.

5: Set up recycle bins at your holiday parties.

4: Take care when you wrap. Use fabric and real ribbon when possible (and save to reuse). If you’re still using paper wrap, save as much of it as you can. (You can even refresh the creases with a cool iron.) Save and reuse packing materials. If you can’t reuse the boxes, then see that they get recycled. If you attend a gathering of extended family, volunteer to take the recyclables.

3: Take the family out and plant a tree. An unimaginable number of trees are cut at this time every year. Do your best to offset that number by planting a tree, even if your Christmas tree isn’t one of the ones that’s been cut this year.

2: In all the decorating, don’t forget our animal friends. Make edible holiday decorations for some of your outdoor trees and be a source of food for our feathered friends.

1: Encourage the green choices of others. Give books (“The Sustainable Kitchen”), reusable shopping bags, and other items that nurture “green” choices in others.

Tomorrow: 9 Bargain Gifts.

See you then.



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