9 Bargain Gifts

9: Stainless steel water bottle or reusable / travel coffee mug. Not only are these reasonably-priced gifts, they’re also a green gifts!

8: Make or buy a fleece lap blanket. Choose fleece that has colors or patterns that are reflective of the recipient.

7: Make a Gratitude Jar. The jar itself can either be something artistic – as one that is pottery or ceramic – or can be something as simple as a Mason jar like those used in canning. Decorate with ribbon, fabric, beads, or anything that will make the jar reflective of the personality of the recipient. Inside the jar, place small slips of paper: on each one hand-write an example of those things for which you are grateful about the recipient or those things of which you are appreciative about the person to whom you are giving the gift. Don’t forget: the more specific your gratitude statements are, the more thoughtful the gift.

6: Shop at home stores for bargains on cloth placemats or cloth napkins with napkin rings. Usually, the out-of-season patterns can be found quite inexpensively. If you sew, you can make the placemats or napkins. Depending on your crafting skill, you could even make the napkin rings.

5: Give a nice plant to the green thumb on your list. For those who don’t have much skill in growing things, consider giving a no-fuss plant like a cactus or an aloe plant. For the sustainable-living folks on your list, consider some bamboo.

4: Got a guy on your list? Get him a multi-tool. The price will vary based on the number of tools, but they are usually in the $10-$15 range.

3: For the gardener on your list, investigate heirloom and rare seeds at SeedSavers.org

2: Food gifts are always a winner. Consider cookies, candy, cheese balls, or dips. Deliver them a day or two before Christmas, so your recipient can share them when family and friends gather.

1: If the recipient collects something specific, or has a specific interest, consider getting a Christmas ornament that reflects their interest.

Tomorrow: 8 Ways to Save

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