6 Edible Gifts

I’ve tried to choose things with a range of difficulty, so that there are suggestions for beginners and experts. Click on the links to find the recipes. Also, photo credits (from above) belong to the sites where I found the recipes. Here goes:

6: (simple)   Cranberry Cake. Not the easiest thing to wrap … but I couldn’t help including it cause it’s so, well, amazing!

5: (simple)    Maple Herb Roasted Almonds. Enough said.

4: (not too difficult)   Peanut Butter and Honey Granola. Tasty and hearty on those cold (or not so cold) mornings (or pretty much any time of day).

3: (difficult)   Chocolate Toffee Matzo Candy. Mmmm. Yummy.

2: (difficult)  Apple Chutney. Serve it with chicken (as shown) or for a wonderful addition to pork chops or pork roast. And what a great gift!

1: (simple)   Jars of Yummy Goodness. If you don’t have the time to actually bake or cook or can something this year. Consider creating a mix in a jar for your gift recipients. There is an ENORMOUS list of mixes available (click on the link above), so you can choose what suits your needs best.

Tomorrow: 5 Crafts to Make

See you then.



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