Friday Five: Holidays 2010

From RevGalBlogPals:

Yes, I know it’s January and yes, I know some of us are still on a cool sprint after only a brief respite (if that) from Advent and Christmas BUT… before we move too far along into The Next, I wanted to give us a chance to reflect on What Was

And so partly to give us all a record and partly to give us all a chance to reflect on the 2010 Holiday Season now that we are out of it, I ask you this:

1) What food item was one of your favorites this year – a definite keeper?
2) Was there a meal or party or a gathering that stands out in your mind from this most recent holiday season?
3) Were you involved in a jaw-dropper gift? Were you the giver or recipient or an on-looker?
4) Was there at least one moment where you experienced true worship?
5) What is at least one thing you want to make sure you do next year?
BONUS: What is something you absolutely must remember to do differently… or not at all!

OR: If you just want to sum it all up in a few words, that will work too.

My Answers:

1. I made gingerbread this season, but made it in a loaf instead of like cookies. It was amazing!

2. While my family celebrated Thanksgiving at my parents house, I stayed home and pumped water out of my basement. It was quite a memorable holiday!

3. My nephew received a really great racecar set and an enormous Lego space-shuttle set. His eyes were as big as saucers when he opened them!

4. Some wonderful and wise women got together to honor the Winter Solstice (the coming of light into the darkness and the promise of Spring) and shared the things we want to release from the old year and the things we want to claim in the New Year. It was a holy and worshipful and uplifting evening.

5. Starting in about October, I want to finish up any remodeling projects, so I make sure I don’t have any big construction/remodeling disasters underway during the holidays!




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