Every Day (?!?) in 2011

Discipline. Discipline. Discipline. I confess that I resist it.

I’m not talking about the kind of discipline a parent imposes with children. I’m talking about a commitment to practices that help give our lives shape and form.

In my line of work, I deal with spiritual disciplines (sometimes called prayer practices). I recognize the importance of them; I know their role in the life of faith; I even know which ones work best for me.

But I have a hard time sticking with the practice.

Since writing is one of my spiritual disciplines … and since I am apparently in need of some accountability … I have decided to commit to blogging this year. Starting today, I will be posting once a day for all of 2011.

(What? Am I kidding? Do I realize how much work that’s going to be? Have I also realized that this will mean that my natural perfectionist tendencies will go largely unsatisfied? Do I intend to make peace with my own inner critic enough that I’ll be able to actually be able to post things without revision upon revision?)

I know it won’t be easy. And there will be times that it might not even be pretty. But it might be fun. It might be inspiring. It might even be a real learning experience.

But I’ll need your comments and encouragement along the way. I’ll be counting on your comments, and I hope you’ll “like” and share these posts with others.



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