ClutterBuster28 – Day 1

My first day of the ClutterBuster28 Challenge is complete … and it was a smashing success, if I do say so myself.

I fearlessly began where all women dread to go: the closet. I thought I could get it done in a couple of hours; but a couple of hours later, I was spent and the closet was not finished.

However, I made progress of which I am quite proud:

1) all non-closet items have been removed from the closet;

2) all clothing and accessories now have their appropriate place, including seasonal items;

3) almost all of the clothing has been folded (relatively) neatly and put in its appropriate place (I have one laundry basket of clean clothes that still needs to be put away);


4) I managed to find 4 items that can be counted toward my 100 Things Challenge (1. a hanger for belts or scarves or something, 2. a pair of camo shorts, 3. a pair of camo pants, 4. a pair of strange blue lounging pants).

This means that my closet clutter is actually going to end up being a two-day project. I still have to finish putting away the clean clothes … and then I have to start weeding out the things that will be going to charity.

I’m fairly certain that there isn’t much that will be thrown away … but I know for a fact there are a few items that no longer fit. It’s time to get ruthless: if it doesn’t fit, it goes.

On a related topic:

Yesterday, I promised to post the before pictures of the clutter in my house that I would be attacking during the month. I took all the pictures, I uploaded them to the computer, and then I froze. You know, it’s a very different thing to see your chaos on a computer screen than it is to see it in person. It seems so benign when it’s sitting here beside you. When you see it all framed up on a relatively tidy computer screen, it just seems … well, words fail me.

I just couldn’t post them. At least, not all at once. I’ve decided I’ll post the before and after pictures together. That way, you’ll still be able to see the change … but your senses won’t be quite so shocked as if I had posted all the chaos at once.

Well, that’s all for me today!

Peace …



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