Talking Football

I enjoy sports.

I have my favorite teams.

I know enough about the games to not be a nuisance to real sports fans (who may be watching alongside me) by asking rudimentary questions.

However, it should be noted that under no circumstances do I enjoy discussing the game. If you’ve seen it and I haven’t … I don’t really want a play-by-play. If we’ve both seen it, I don’t want to engage in color commentary. And if I’ve seen it and you haven’t, please don’t expect more from me than a report on who won. (If you’re lucky, I might also remember the score.)

So, tonight, when the beloved nephew began to explain (in excruciating detail) not only which NFL teams he likes, but also each of the teams he doesn’t like and why he doesn’t like them (including a very complete analysis of players abilities and attitudes) … how did I find myself hanging on every word?

I don’t know. It’s a mystery.

But I could almost guarantee that that child could talk to me for hours about anything at all (or nothing at all) and he would have my undivided attention.

Just an observation …


By the way: what’s a “nose guard”?


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