Obligated to Post This

I am a non-beer-drinker. Or maybe I should say: I am the non-beer-drinker. In every  group of people that I spend time with, I seem to be the only one.

I have friends who consider it their sworn duty to help me find one beer that I will like. It is as though they believe that the key to my love of beer is only a matter of finding one beer that I like … and suddenly, the whole world of beer-love will open up to me.

I try to explain that I have tried to acquire a taste for beer. In college, I literally gave it the ol’ college try.

It’s no use. A couple of them (the real connoisseurs) will insist that I taste whatever exotic variety they are drinking each time we gather. The exchange (always) goes something like this:

Connoisseur: You’ve gotta try this. I know you don’t like beer, but this one is [fill in details of ingredients and/or technical explanation of brewing procedure]. I’m sure you’ll like it.

Me: That’s okay. Thanks anyway.

Connoisseur: No, really. Just try it. You’ll see what I mean. It’s really good.

(Another minute or two of their insistence and my resistance, before I give in and take a sip.)

Connoisseur: What do you think? How is it?

Me: (shoulder shrug) It tastes like beer.

Connoisseur: (eye rolling)

At some point, you’ve just gotta let it go. I have made peace with the character defect that causes me to not like beer. Most of my friends have also made peace with this particular shortcoming and have chosen to love me anyway.

So, imagine my bemused disbelief when one of my very favorite blogs posted this:

5 Beers for People Who Don’t Like Beer

As much as I love my friends at The Kitchn, I am a little miffed that they, too, have jumped on the beer bandwagon. Look at this quote from their post:

Here are five of the beers we think of as “gateway” beers. Once you’re hooked on these, a whole world of beer-appreciation starts to open!

It is clear to me that one of my beer-connoisseur friends has gotten to them. But at least their post reassures me that I’m not the only person left in the world who doesn’t like beer!



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3 responses to “Obligated to Post This”

  1. ILoveMyDogandmy Music says :

    Sorry, but those 5 choices sound terrible to me. Problem? From the descriptions I doubt that they taste like beer!!

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