Drum-roll, Please

It’s official: I’ve finally got the Wednesday Evening Lenten Series (at FPC Golconda) organized! We’ll be looking at the ways in which we practice our faith at the table, the ways in which eating is a moral act. Here’s the info:

Food Matters: a study in the ethics of eating

March 16: As God Intends (on the sacramental nature of food)

March 23: At Table Together (on the connections built by food)

March 30: An Edible Economy (on the justice issues involved with food choices)

April 6: The Gifts of God (aka: Real Food?)

April 13: Bread of Life (a look at nutrition and malnutrition)

April 20: God Saw That it Was Good (food choices as stewardship)

I’m excited! This Lenten season is shaping up to be a challenging and informative season!



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