And so it begins …

From a previous Palm Sunday sermon …

The parade that begins on Palm Sunday eventually becomes the parade that leads to Golgotha … but the closer we get to the cross, the smaller the crowd gets.

Palm branches are pretty light; they’re easy to carry and they’re fun to wave around. But when the time comes for that other, heavier burden – will we take up our cross? Or do we have our hands full? Are we too busy holding on to our own power and our own security?

Holy Week is a clash of two kingdoms …and each of us must examine which kingdom – and which king – we serve. It’s not easy to do, because we will most likely find a bit of both Peter and Judas in our hearts. We may discover that we care more about our own power and security than we realized.

In the clash of these two kingdoms – where an innocent man ends up on a cross – we are faced with our own sinfulness. But in this Holy Week “showdown”, we also discover redemption and new life. Long live the king!


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