Resurrection questions

An preview of today’s sermon:

They who had seen Jesus call Lazarus forth from the tomb were stunned and amazed and even disbelieving when confronted with the empty tomb and rumors of a risen Lord. But once they knew it to be true, they didn’t ask Jesus for the play-by-play. The text says that Jesus showed them his hands and his side and then the disciples rejoiced when they saw the Lord.

No questions.

No confusion.

Their response to the risen Christ is joy. But, approximately 2000 years later, what is our response?

Resurrection doesn’t make sense to us. We would like very much to be able to explain it so that it fits somewhere into our rational, logical, scientific worldview. But we can’t explain it; and it doesn’t fit. We still have questions.

I wonder sometimes if our questions give us such discomfort that, instead of living with the unsettling mystery of Easter, we settle for something less. Easter ends up being more about colorful eggs and chocolate bunnies and green-bean casserole. Those are things that make sense.


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One response to “Resurrection questions”

  1. hdo says :

    Green bean casserole always gets a bum rap. It’s tradition.

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