“Remember That You Are [Star]Dust”

Today is Ash Wednesday …

… when we remember our mortality,

     in order to more readily appreciate the gift of life;

… when we remember the ways we have
     fallen short of God’s expectations,

     in order to more readily embrace all our possibilities;

… when we recognize our frailty,

    in order to courageously offer our vulnerability.

My thanks to Pastor Steve Garnaas-Holmes, the author of this inspirational poem, and to Table Manna, the blog where I discovered it:

Ash Wednesday

Remember you are stardust,

and to stardust you shall return.

You are the ash of a great fire within a star.
The star shines within you.
You are the dust of the earth, given breath.

The breath of God breathes within you.

In fear you have shrouded that light,
and led yourself by the darkness.
In fear you have fled from the dust,

only to cling to dust that has no breath.

You don’t need to punish your body,
you need to honor that it comes from God.
You don’t need to separate from your body,

you need to return to it.

You can’t be other than dust
but you can return to the Breath.
You can’t be other than light

but you can free yourself from trying.

What veils your glory?
What catches your breath?
What betrays your belovedness?

What separates you from the world’s flesh?

Become dust of the earth again,
moved only by God’s breath.
Given life by the Breath within the Breath,

become an earthling.

Your repentance is to return to the stardust that you are,
return to your heavenly Source.
Return to the light that you are,

shed all that shrouds your light.

Remember that you are stardust,

and to stardust you shall return.

(Unfolding Light, February 17, 2010)

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