PIF Thoughts (in progress) #2

I seek a community in ongoing prayerful relationship with the Triune God, that struggles to be both grounded in prayer and active in the world. This community attempts to live out a faith that is unafraid to question, grappling with both the theology and practice of discipleship. It endeavors to be creative in honoring the diverse gifts of its members and is willing to be challenged in the service of justice and compassion. It aspires to an active worship life, dynamic fellowship experiences, significant educational offerings, and meaningful ministries of compassion that both reflect and nurture its love of God and neighbor.

In striving to live out its faith, a community often finds itself wrestling with God (like Jacob) and with one another (like the early church). I seek to provide a balm to wounded places, foster peace where there is discord, facilitate meaningful discussion, and worship with those who yearn for deeper connection with God.

As Minister of Word and Sacrament, I bring deep respect for the Reformed tradition and purposeful interpretations of that tradition; expressive proclamation of the Gospel in teaching, preaching and evangelism; and meaningful administration of Baptism and The Lord’s Supper. I strive to embody Jesus’ gracious hospitality and compassion, to follow His example of attending to the wounded and weary, and to minister as He did: with both an invitation to grace and a challenge for growth.

NOTE: I’m working on updating my Personal Information Form (or PIF), which is the standardized form that Presbyterian Church (USA) pastors fill out when they are looking for new ministry positions. As I do so, I am reading and writing a lot of things about the church, ministry, and myself. Since not all of these things will eventually wind up in the final version of my PIF, I thought I’d share some of it here. Thanks for letting me indulge.



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