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A Popular Patch

It’s times like this when my front yard is very popular.

I live on a relatively busy corner, near some schools, and across the street from a polling place. With an election coming up in April, it’s been like a class reunion around here with all the “old friends” who have surfaced to see if there’s room in the yard for their sign.

In a small town – in my hometown, no less – owning this piece of property is dicey. In truth, many of those who have asked to put a sign in the yard really are acquaintances: someone I went to school with, someone I went to church with, the husband of a close friend, the boss of another friend.

It becomes a balancing act. Do I allow signs for anyone with whom I’m friendly? Or do my political leanings outweigh my friendly feelings?

Do you really need ask?

So, I’m thinking of instituting a questionnaire for local candidates who want to place a sign in my yard. You know, to help me make good decisions.

Here are some questions I’m thinking of using …

Political party?
What is the best decision made within the last year by the office/board for which you are running?
What is the worst decision made within the last year by the office/board for which you are running?
What changes would you hope to make if elected?

What do you think? Are there other or better questions I should be asking?

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