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Links Worth Reading

The only thing better than a long Sunday afternoon nap, is a Sunday afternoon spent curled up on my bed with two sweet dogs and a glass of iced tea and my laptop.

So, I spent part of today catching up on my reading (I follow a lot of blogs, and it tends to pile up quickly). Here are a few things I thought I’d pass along.

First: the ever-amazing BRC reminds me of the way in which a blog can offer something truly personal to one’s readers. Check it out.

If this doesn’t get to the heart of the meaning of Lent, nothing does!

Sojourners gives their take on the news of the week.

A great poem.

A project called Voces de Cambio encourages Guatemalan teenage girls to find their authentic voices … but they need your help.

Also, I ran across a quote from George Washington that I love. He said: “I had rather be on my farm than be emperor of the world.”  I don’t have a farm. And, as much as I would like one, I’d be willing to settle for being the emperor of the world. (But just until I get a farm.)

Just for Fun

Based on the blogs I read regularly, Google offered me some suggestions of other things I might be interested in reading. I’m passing a few of the more worthy ones on to you ….

This one is just hilarious! Shoppers and non-shoppers alike will appreciate this.

Wondering how long a sermon should be? Here’s a tip.

For the beer lovers: lest you think I was picking on you when I wrote this, I’m linking to this post just for you!

Mother Jones gives us images of what’s wrong in America.

“Negative, Ghostrider, the pattern is full.” (See the latest on Top Gun.)

One more good reason to slow down and focus.


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