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La Vie en Rose

After a long day of working on three different worship services and stealing away from the computer for a bit to dig in the dirt before the rain began, it was dusk and the thunderstorms had begun by the time I curled up on my bed with my laptop.

Opposite my bed are two windows that look out over the front lawn, which I opened to enjoy the sound of the storm. After much flashing and crashing, the storm finally eased out of town.

In its wake, it left the most extraordinary sky.

It was pink. Not the fierce pink that you find in a sunset. This was a subtler pink, a dusty rose.

With a backdrop of pink sky, the dogwood blossoms framed in my window were such a sight! It was a moment of pure bliss and I couldn’t find the will to look away.

The pink sky is gone now and the dogwood is little more than a silhouette against the night. But I am left remembering that pink sky and (not surprisingly) thinking of Paris, where the light is pink.

Lost in these thoughts, this quote from the remake of Sabrina (1995) came to mind:

Gertrude Stein said America is my country and Paris is my hometown. I’ll always feel that way about Paris. Across the street someone is playing La Vie En Rose. They do it for the tourists but I’m always surprised at how much it moves me. It means seeing life through rose-colored glasses. Only in Paris, where the light is pink, does that song make sense, but I’ll have it in my pocket when I get home, and carry it with me where ever I go.

Special Sanctuary

This post is short, but don’t let that fool you. My affection is sincere!

I’ve just started reading Jan Richardson’s new book In the Sanctuary of Women. It’s FAB-ulous. It’s my new daily morning reading.

I’ve already informed my mother that she’s getting it for Mother’s Day. Ladies, look out: I’m itching for an excuse to give this one to friends!

Diamond in the Rough

Usually, clutter is just clutter.

It’s frequently a pain in the neck and dealing with it is always a chore.

But sometimes you are rewarded with treasure.

Tonight, I am half-way through my 28 Days of clutter-busting … I suddenly, out of the blue, I am rewarded with these nostalgic goodies: a cheerleader shirt from when I was VERY small (complete with my name on the back); a monogrammed sweater (from a day when that was cute); and a vintage Malan Jr. High Redbirds jacket.

The Easy Out

I left the house around 8am this morning and didn’t get home until 13 hours later (and then I had to do some organizing around the house for ClutterBusters28)… so I guess you could say that I’m just too tired to have much to say.

However, there are several good articles that I discovered tonight and would love to pass on to you all.


1) Yes, I admit that I probably have a slightly romanticized notion of farm-life. But articles like this one make me want to be a homesteader. I can’t help it!

2) I thought this blog post was a brave and very real article. Adam (the author) can always be counted on to enlarge my perspective.

3) This blog post is called “Ill-Behaved Women.” I don’t think I need to add any more commentary to that!


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