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100 Things

Yesterday, I issued my Clutter Buster 28 Challenge and I’m looking forward to the results of that challenge much more so than the actual work of the challenge.

Today, I’m still pondering the Clutter Buster 28 Challenge and I’m intrigued by Dave who began his 100 Thing Challenge more than 2 years ago.

In short, Dave owns only 100 personal items.

That’s all.

Now, there are a few rules and exclusions (and you can see more information at 100 Thing Challenge) but for the most part, Dave has pared down the stuff he owns to the bare minimum.

To be clear: I do not feel called to go quite as far as Dave. But I have decided to honor the spirit of Dave’s challenge. During my 28 Days of Organization (better known as Clutter Buster 28), I intend to get rid of at least 100 things (preferably by giving away, but possibly by recycling or throwing away). As I said, it’s not how Dave chose to do it; but it’s a start.

Feel ready to get a start on your spring cleaning? Or just tired of the clutter that’s built up over the long, cold winter? I’m looking for companions in this journey through February. Post a comment to join in or just to encourage me!


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