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2 Happy Dogs

I suppose the title of this blog could be read to mean two different things: either I’m going to give you two ways to pamper your pooch this Christmas  OR  I have two dogs and they are both quite content. I like to think that both are accurate. (See photo at left for my happy – and quirky – dogs!)

If you’ve got quirky and lovable dogs at home, then check out these ideas for your pets:

1. Doggie Bed made from t-shirt scraps

Yes, this craft is actually for a chair, in the style of those great old bean-bag chairs. (Can you actually call those things “chairs”?) But it occurs to me that this project would be a great way to use old t-shirts, while saving money by avoiding those fancy dog beds with hefty price tags.

2. Homemade Doggie Treats

Yes, it really sounds like spoiling your pup, doesn’t it? But when you think of all the ingredients in those commercial treats AND the cost of those darn things … it almost seems like a no-brainer! Click the link above for an enormous list of doggie treat recipes.

Tomorrow: 1 Thing You Probably Didn’t Know.

See you then.


5 Crafts to Make

Once again, we’re going to the experts. And, once again, the photo credits belong to the sites linked.

5: Felt Ornaments. Too cute.

4: Putting Christmas balls to use. Have more decorations than will fit on your tree? Find other uses for them.

3: Scrabble Tile Crafts. What words hold meaning for you this season?

2: Nativity Finger Puppets. Use this pattern, or just get inspired to create your own version!

1: Homemade Giftcard Holders. A fun craft and a handy wrapping idea. Adapt some of these ideas for your homemade Christmas cards, if you’re so inclined.

Tomorrow: 4 Treats for Cooks

See you then.


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