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In Case You Didn’t Notice …

… there are a few new pages on this blog.

They’re just some fun stuff that I thought I’d offer up for your reading or thinking pleasure.

First, is a glossary to go along with the blog … just in case you were wondering what I meant.

Second, is A Story I wrote several months ago.

Third, is my statement of faith.

And, finally, is a list of 100 things you might be interested to know. (This page isn’t new … but it’s kind of fun, if you haven’t already read it.)

Just for Fun

Based on the blogs I read regularly, Google offered me some suggestions of other things I might be interested in reading. I’m passing a few of the more worthy ones on to you ….

This one is just hilarious! Shoppers and non-shoppers alike will appreciate this.

Wondering how long a sermon should be? Here’s a tip.

For the beer lovers: lest you think I was picking on you when I wrote this, I’m linking to this post just for you!

Mother Jones gives us images of what’s wrong in America.

“Negative, Ghostrider, the pattern is full.” (See the latest on Top Gun.)

One more good reason to slow down and focus.


Obligated to Post This

I am a non-beer-drinker. Or maybe I should say: I am the non-beer-drinker. In every  group of people that I spend time with, I seem to be the only one.

I have friends who consider it their sworn duty to help me find one beer that I will like. It is as though they believe that the key to my love of beer is only a matter of finding one beer that I like … and suddenly, the whole world of beer-love will open up to me.

I try to explain that I have tried to acquire a taste for beer. In college, I literally gave it the ol’ college try.

It’s no use. A couple of them (the real connoisseurs) will insist that I taste whatever exotic variety they are drinking each time we gather. The exchange (always) goes something like this:

Connoisseur: You’ve gotta try this. I know you don’t like beer, but this one is [fill in details of ingredients and/or technical explanation of brewing procedure]. I’m sure you’ll like it.

Me: That’s okay. Thanks anyway.

Connoisseur: No, really. Just try it. You’ll see what I mean. It’s really good.

(Another minute or two of their insistence and my resistance, before I give in and take a sip.)

Connoisseur: What do you think? How is it?

Me: (shoulder shrug) It tastes like beer.

Connoisseur: (eye rolling)

At some point, you’ve just gotta let it go. I have made peace with the character defect that causes me to not like beer. Most of my friends have also made peace with this particular shortcoming and have chosen to love me anyway.

So, imagine my bemused disbelief when one of my very favorite blogs posted this:

5 Beers for People Who Don’t Like Beer

As much as I love my friends at The Kitchn, I am a little miffed that they, too, have jumped on the beer bandwagon. Look at this quote from their post:

Here are five of the beers we think of as “gateway” beers. Once you’re hooked on these, a whole world of beer-appreciation starts to open!

It is clear to me that one of my beer-connoisseur friends has gotten to them. But at least their post reassures me that I’m not the only person left in the world who doesn’t like beer!


Five Years Late to the Party

I am astounded to discover that February 5, 2011 is the Fifth Annual World Nutella Day! I’m astounded, not that the whole world is honoring this extraordinary spread, but that I’m five years late in celebrating with them!

First, I feel I must confess my deep and abiding love for this beautiful chocolate-hazelnut treat. Originally from Italy, this delight didn’t make its way to the U.S. until 1983 (nearly half a century after its creation). But I didn’t discover it until the 90’s, when I lived in France.

It’s a standard in crepes, but it is equally common at European breakfast tables, spread on bread as Americans might do with peanut butter. After arriving home from France, I found that Nutella was still unavailable in many parts of the country, sadly including the one in which I lived. I missed it so much that when a European friend came to visit, she smuggled some in for me!

In the intervening years, many companies that distribute in the States have tried to sell a product that can compare. None do. Finally, a number of years ago, I discovered a few jars of Nutella sitting on the shelf in my local, small-town Kroger. What joy! I now can have Nutella whenever the mood strikes me.

I confess, I try not to keep it in the house. It’s the kind of thing that is just as good right out of the jar (on a spoon) as it is prepared in any other way. However, if you’re looking to celebrate World Nutella Day, you can find some great recipes HERE.



The nice thing about doing your study leave in a city where you used to live is that after a full day of reading, research and planning … you get to have dinner with friends.

At one such event (where a sizable group was gathered), I may have exhibited my more clutzy/clumsy side on a couple of occasions during the evening. It was after the second incident that one dear (and witty) friend said to me: “You really are sort of the Chevy Chase of the pastorate, aren’t you?”

For those of you who need a visual comparison, this movie trailer gives a couple of nice examples.



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