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The Backhand of the Generation Gap

I confess that I like to think of myself as fairly literate when it comes to technology. My truly talented technical friends (Rob, Chip and others) know that I’m really not all that savvy. However, I’m willing to learn and I’m not afraid to just play around with a gadget until I figure out how it works.

Not unlike many of my generation, I sometimes field calls from my parents or others who are in need of some technical how-to help. I do my best to walk them through these dangerous waters … but admit that my patience has been challenged on more than one occasion.

Today was a perfect example.

A call early in the day found me saying, “Are you talking about the first page of text within a document named History? Or are you talking about a document called Page One in a folder called History?”

To which the caller replied, “I don’t know. How do I tell the difference?” (Silent hair-pulling ensued on my end of the conversation.)

But within only a few hours, somebody UPSTAIRS decided to teach me a lesson. My pal “J” – who is a great friend, a self-confessed “computer geek,” and an emissary from the generation after me – sent an email in reply to my technical questions about videos and the internet.

I won’t go into the technical details of J’s email … because I can’t. I have absolutely no idea what the email said. There were some links and a series of directions; all-in-all, it was a bit like reading Biblical Hebrew.

I told J that I would look at the links and experiment with the directions, and I’m hoping that it will all make a little more sense once I try it out. But in the meantime, I’ll consider this a lesson learned about what the backhand of the generational gap feels like when it smacks you in the head.

Peace, friends!


PS: Today begins ClutterBuster28! Not only will I be spending the next 28 days tackling the clutter in and around my house, but I’ve also committed to finding at least 100 things that I can either give away or throw away to help simplify my household (and, thus, my life). Tomorrow, I’ll post an update on the first day of ClutterBuster28 … as well as the “Before” pictures of several areas I plan to tackle before the month is over.

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