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A Little Funny

Yesterday, during our after-worship potluck, the topic turned to babies.

Sparked by something she heard in the conversation, a delightful four-year-old daughter of the church (the same four-year-old who inadvertently but repeatedly calls me “Mister Meg” instead of “Pastor Meg”, much to my enjoyment) announced: “I was born in Kentucky.”

Because I never know what to expect from her, and because I enjoy giving her opportunities to surprise me, I asked her: “Did you like being born in Kentucky?”

She looked at me with a solemn expression and emphatically said, “No! I cried the whole way home.”

I love my job.


The nice thing about doing your study leave in a city where you used to live is that after a full day of reading, research and planning … you get to have dinner with friends.

At one such event (where a sizable group was gathered), I may have exhibited my more clutzy/clumsy side on a couple of occasions during the evening. It was after the second incident that one dear (and witty) friend said to me: “You really are sort of the Chevy Chase of the pastorate, aren’t you?”

For those of you who need a visual comparison, this movie trailer gives a couple of nice examples.



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