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Movie Madness

When it comes to books, movies, or even television, I love a good story. I love to open myself up to the author or filmmaker as they tell me a story. To be completely honest, it doesn’t even have to be a great story or be particularly well-told. I simply love stories.

I feel strongly that the least amount of respect that a story and a storyteller deserve is to give them the courtesy of allowing the storyteller to present the story in whatever way they have seen fit to present it. All of that is to say: I don’t read the last chapter of a book before the rest and I do not like to watch a movie if I have missed the beginning of it.

As my friend, I would appreciate it if you would not force me to politely watch half an hour of the middle of a movie that I have not seen yet, just because you’ve run across it while you’re flipping through channels and you believe it’s a shame that I’ve never seen it.

I know myself well enough to know that I won’t enjoy watching this out-of-sequence segment (especially with your commentary that is intended to fill me in on the parts that I haven’t seen so that I will understand the parts that I’m watching). And when I do watch the whole movie, my experience will have been diminished by my inability to get lost in the story as it is told because of my previous exposure to parts of the story that I do not yet fully understand in their own context.

I do not doubt that I will enjoy the movie. I trust your opinion that it is a shame that I have not yet seen it. And if you, who have already seen it, would like to watch it again, I will be most happy to excuse myself to go into the next room and read a book (from the beginning).


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