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28 Days of Organization

I bought my house more than a year ago, but I only finished moving in about 4 months ago. Sound strange? Yeah, maybe. Because of all the moving around I’ve done while preparing for professional ministry, I’ve lived in a lot of places. At the time of buying my house, I had two sizable storage units (in two different states).

In November and December of 2009, I emptied one storage unit of its contents and moved these “treasures” into my house.

In January 2010, I “inherited” a houseful of furniture and belongings from a friend whose mother had passed away and who was looking for a good home for furnishings and other home goods. (We completely filled a rather large U-haul truck.)

Over the summer of 2010, I slowly but surely cleaned out the last storage unit. The final car-load was moved out in September.

Cut to January 2011. I have a house full of junk. Ok, it’s not all junk. In fact, there’s very little of it that is actually junk. My problem is that the inside of my house looks like a junk pile.

Nothing is organized. Very few things have a “proper place” in the house. I can’t find anything that I’m looking for and, most of the time, it drives me crazy. (The only time it doesn’t drive me crazy is when I’m not at home.)




With that being said … I am issuing the Clutter Buster 28 Challenge (also known as the 28 Days of Organization). Every day during the month of February, I’m going to spend a little bit of time (anywhere from 10 minutes to the whole day) getting my house organized.

I recognize that the task of organizing my house is a huge job. (Not only is it a big house … but I also have a lot of stuff!) And, since I will still be trying to do my job while taking on this little project, I am fairly certain that I will not be completely finished organizing the house as the month of February comes to a close.

But you’ve got to start somewhere, right?

I’ve already spent some time scouting out the locations most in need of attention and took some “BEFORE” pictures, just to document the process. Join my in my challenge, either by following the blog and offering support and encouraging comments … or do your own Clutter Buster 28 Challenge and see how the shortest month of the year can help make the biggest difference to your living space.

See tomorrow.


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