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When I first saw this video, I was certain that this had to be posted by a pastor who was putting off writing their sermon. Turns out that I was wrong … but it still reminds me of all the imaginative and useful (?) things I can find to do instead of the one thing I am supposed to be doing!


The nice thing about doing your study leave in a city where you used to live is that after a full day of reading, research and planning … you get to have dinner with friends.

At one such event (where a sizable group was gathered), I may have exhibited my more clutzy/clumsy side on a couple of occasions during the evening. It was after the second incident that one dear (and witty) friend said to me: “You really are sort of the Chevy Chase of the pastorate, aren’t you?”

For those of you who need a visual comparison, this movie trailer gives a couple of nice examples.



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