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I’m not voting for you

I have campaign signs for two great local candidates in my yard. I am both pleased and proud to support them.

These two candidates sought me out, told me something of the issues that they are passionate about and why they are running, and respected me enough to ask for my support.

Based on my interactions with them, I have the utmost confidence in their integrity.

This morning, however, I took the dogs out at about 7am and found signs for two additional candidates in my yard: signs for candidates who did not have permission to put them in my yard.

This really ticked me off.

Really! What kind of person doesn’t ask permission to put a sign up? What kind of candidate sneaks into your yard after you’ve gone to bed and before you wake up to use your yard for campaigning?

My first reaction (after removing the signs) was that I would like to inflict some retribution. I feel that there should be some punishment for their impertinence.

But after cooling off a bit, I realized something else: this sort of behavior does not convey the kind of qualities and characteristics I admire. Nor does it inspire me with any sort of confidence about the integrity of the candidate.

Sure, it’s possible that the people who actually put the signs in my yard weren’t the candidate themselves. Unfortunately for the candidate, their behavior reflects on the candidate, regardless.

Today, in response (and in protest) to this kind of behavior, I would like to say to the two candidates who snuck unauthorized signs in my yard last night: you lost my vote.

A Popular Patch

It’s times like this when my front yard is very popular.

I live on a relatively busy corner, near some schools, and across the street from a polling place. With an election coming up in April, it’s been like a class reunion around here with all the “old friends” who have surfaced to see if there’s room in the yard for their sign.

In a small town – in my hometown, no less – owning this piece of property is dicey. In truth, many of those who have asked to put a sign in the yard really are acquaintances: someone I went to school with, someone I went to church with, the husband of a close friend, the boss of another friend.

It becomes a balancing act. Do I allow signs for anyone with whom I’m friendly? Or do my political leanings outweigh my friendly feelings?

Do you really need ask?

So, I’m thinking of instituting a questionnaire for local candidates who want to place a sign in my yard. You know, to help me make good decisions.

Here are some questions I’m thinking of using …

Political party?
What is the best decision made within the last year by the office/board for which you are running?
What is the worst decision made within the last year by the office/board for which you are running?
What changes would you hope to make if elected?

What do you think? Are there other or better questions I should be asking?

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