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The Road(s) to Nowhere

This is reposted from the other blog I contribute to:

I tried. I really did.

I wanted to post a thoughtful reflection on this blog on Friday (which is my usual day to post) … but it’s as though my brain has gone all fuzzy. (It might be wrackspurts, but I don’t think so.)

Our blog is called Wholly (Holy) Ordinary … and we attempt to notice the holiness of ordinary moments. But as I look around at the floodwaters on every side, my brain just stops working.

This week – instead – I offer you a visual meditation. As I was taking these photos, the phrase “a road to nowhere” kept popping up in my head. Note that everywhere there is currently water in these photos, there is usually (completely) dry land.

(this is one of those tall roadside billboards)

In Case You Didn’t Notice …

… there are a few new pages on this blog.

They’re just some fun stuff that I thought I’d offer up for your reading or thinking pleasure.

First, is a glossary to go along with the blog … just in case you were wondering what I meant.

Second, is A Story I wrote several months ago.

Third, is my statement of faith.

And, finally, is a list of 100 things you might be interested to know. (This page isn’t new … but it’s kind of fun, if you haven’t already read it.)


When I first saw this video, I was certain that this had to be posted by a pastor who was putting off writing their sermon. Turns out that I was wrong … but it still reminds me of all the imaginative and useful (?) things I can find to do instead of the one thing I am supposed to be doing!

Every Day (?!?) in 2011

Discipline. Discipline. Discipline. I confess that I resist it.

I’m not talking about the kind of discipline a parent imposes with children. I’m talking about a commitment to practices that help give our lives shape and form.

In my line of work, I deal with spiritual disciplines (sometimes called prayer practices). I recognize the importance of them; I know their role in the life of faith; I even know which ones work best for me.

But I have a hard time sticking with the practice.

Since writing is one of my spiritual disciplines … and since I am apparently in need of some accountability … I have decided to commit to blogging this year. Starting today, I will be posting once a day for all of 2011.

(What? Am I kidding? Do I realize how much work that’s going to be? Have I also realized that this will mean that my natural perfectionist tendencies will go largely unsatisfied? Do I intend to make peace with my own inner critic enough that I’ll be able to actually be able to post things without revision upon revision?)

I know it won’t be easy. And there will be times that it might not even be pretty. But it might be fun. It might be inspiring. It might even be a real learning experience.

But I’ll need your comments and encouragement along the way. I’ll be counting on your comments, and I hope you’ll “like” and share these posts with others.


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